Bluegrass Sod

Sod cost is $11.49 per square yard. We receive a fresh shipment of sod weekly. Our Sod is a mixture of bluegrasses. The pieces are 18" wide and 36" long. Side by side 2 pieces would constitute a square yard.  To find out how many square yards you need, compute your square footage and divide by 9. (See our left sidebar for estimating square footage)

Sod should be laid in a brick work pattern to avoid butt ends lining up. In practice this is easily accomplished by starting a row with a full piece and the next row by a half of a piece and alternating this way to completion. The best way to cut the sod is with a box cutter or utility knife after turning the sod upside down. On slopes exceeding 20 degrees you may want to use sod staples to keep the sod in place.

Best recommendation is for 4-6" of top soil under the sod. Watering requirements are to keep it wet until you can not pull it up easily. You may then back off the water a bit.