Genus - Heuchera

Heuchera are also called Coral Bells or Alum Root. The genus was named after 18th century physician Johann Heinrich von Huecher. Heucheras generally prefer a part sun location shielded from the 10 am -2 pm hot sun or even a fairly shaded site.

Most of the Heuchera available in today's garden centers are hybirds, meaning they are crosses between two species in the genus Heuchera. New introductions are hapening at a torrid pace. Oddly enough most heucheras available today are evergreen. Having some foliage in the winter garden when many other perennials have died to the ground is an added delight to this genus.

When planting Heuchera they prefer a nuetral soil, rich in organics and well drained. Adding some phosphorus in the form of bone meal will reward you with much more vigorous plants. Heucheras have few pests and problems although one insect can be bothersome. Black vine weevil larvae can infest and if left untreated kill the plant.

Heucheras can be grown under Black Walnut trees. They are resistant to the Juglone from the trees.