Information on the Genus - Iris

Irises come in many sizes, shapes and flower colors. Cultivated varieties in the genus hosta are numerous. There are  Bearded Iris, Lousiana Iris, Japanese Iris, Siberian Iris and a few others. The list to the left is a just small sampling of commercially available Iris.

Iris should be planted during the growing season and 4 weeks before a killing frost. The tops of the rhizomes should be exposed. The siting should have 6 hours of direct sun. After 3 or 4 years the clumps should be dug up and divided.

Fortunatly for us, Iris are deer resistant. There are however some other possible problems with iris. First is, overwateing.  Watering should be done only when the soil is dry. Another problem is Iris Borer. It is actually the larval stage of a moth and it can eat the rhizome. 

In the fall, after a hard frost, cut back the leaves, remove and dispose of them in the garbage. Composting the leaves is a bad idea as it can lead survival of viruses and iris borer eggs. Winter protection of iris is not normally needed in our area.