Genus - Hosta

Hostas are one of the best known and most used perennials. The name hosta is derived from the Austrian botanist Nicolaus Host. Other names for the genus are plantain lily and funkia.

 This genus comes in a large selection of colors, sizes and shapes. The list at left is a just small sampling of commercially available hostas cultivars.

Growing hosta is relatively easy. Most prefer shade to part shade although some varieties will tolerate full sun. Some hosta that tolerate full sun are August Moon, Sum & Substance, Minuteman, Patriot, and Golden Tusk. Deer can be a major problem and application of deer spray is a must in our area.

In the fall, after the leaves have browned, remove and dispose of them in the garbage. Composting the leaves is a bad idea as it can lead to more slugs and also transmit hosta virus. Winter protection of hostas is not normally needed in our area.