Genus - Maple

Acer is commonly known as maple. There are more than 120 species in the genus. The name is derived from the Latin word Acer, meaning sharp.. This correlates to the leaves of maple having points. Maple flowers are usually green, red or orange. The fruit from these flowers that many of us call helicopters is actually called a samara. These "helicopters" are an ingenious way of the maple spreading it's seed over a large area, particularly on windy days. Interestingly enough during WWII the U.S. army developed its own helicopter supply device modeled after the maple samara. It was designed to drop 65 pound loads of supplies. The maple leaf is prominent on the Canadian flag and the NHL Toronto hockey club.

Culture - This genus is so varied with canopy and understory trees that best growing techniques should be investigated and implemented for each individual specie/cultivar.