Genus - Picea

Picea has the common name of spruce. There are more than 30 species in the genus. The name derives from the Polish word Prus, meaning from Poland. There is a norway spruce in Sweden that is thought to be the oldest living tree in the world with an estimated age of some of it's dead roots of 9550 years. This amazing age has been attained by the roots cloning themselves as portions die. The record holder for tree ring age is still the Bristlecone Pine. If you would like to read more about this 9550 year old Norway Spruce go to this National Geographic article.

Spruce are one of the most useful woods known to man. Because of it's long fibers it makes excellent pulpwood for the making of paper. It is also excellent as a building material. It is very good wood in the making of musical instruments. Captain Cook made a beer with its sap and the high Vitamin C content prevented scurvy in his crew.

Culture - Generally spruce are very cold tolerant. They are generally adaptable to many soil but do not plant where there is poor drainage. Be sure to water during periods of drought to prevent stressing the tree.

Problems - If you are having problems with your spruce there is valuable information and pest photos on the University of Illinois extension page called Spruce Problems.