Genus - Pinus

Pinus is commonly known as pine. The genus is divided into 3 subgenera named Pinus subgenera Pinus, Pinus subgenera Ducampopinus, and Pinus subgenera Strobus. The name derives from the Greek word for pine, pitys. All pines are coniferous (Cone bearing) and evergreen. Most pines are monoecious with both the male and female cones on the same tree. The male cones are short lived and generally fall off the tree shortly after releasing they pollen. The female cones are generally on the tree for 1-3 years before dropping off the tree.

Pine wood is one of the major sources for home building. The sap from pines is used in making turpentine.

Culture - Pines are long lived, normally between 100-1000 years. Pines like an acid soil. Most pines cannot tolerate wet, poorly drained soils. Most pines prefer full sun, but some will tolerate half shade.