Genus - Syringa

Syringa are more commonly known as lilac. There are 12 species in the genus. The name derives from the Greek syrinx meaning hollow pipe. This comes from some species having hollow branches. Some cultivars have huge flower panicles and many lilacs are very fragrant. Once planted lilacs are very low maintenance.

Culture - Lilacs prefer sunny locales with good air circulation. Soil pH should be between 6.5 and 7.0. Most of local soil is already in this range. Lilacs flower on old wood. This means they will flower best if left unpruned. Pruning tends to create a lot of new tender growth that will not flower until it matures. With some older specimens of Syringa vulgaris plant vigor can be maintained by thinning out a few older stalks every year to allow new growth to fill in, mature, and flower.